Let's opt out!

When the state is taxing  you, it has no reason to provide you with a valuable service, because it keeps your money regardless of how poorly the service is rendered.  This is why public institutions function so inefficiently.   Imagine how terrible Coca-Cola would taste if you were forced to pay for it!  Free markets breed quality and ingenuity.  We need to end the state's violent monopoly on essential services.

No private company can point a gun at you and force you to purchase their goods or services, so why should we hold our public institutions to a different standard?  If you don't think the personal income tax is benefiting you, opt out and keep your money!  If you don't think property taxes are improving your standard of living, opt out and keep your money!  Nobody knows how to spend your money better than you.

Sounds too good to be true?  It's not.  It's called capitalism, and I hear it used to be something people embraced.  Allowing the ideas of free market capitalism and voluntary socialism to compete side by side, would make for a clash of the ages and a grand spectacle for all the world to see and learn from.

As Ron Paul once said:  "A libertarian society actually gives full permission for voluntary socialism.  But the problem is, it's so inefficient that the socialists know their system is going to fail, so they have to use the force of a government gun to take money from the people who aren't socialists in order to subsidize their programs."

Allowing all residents the choice between private companies or public services would instantly expose almost every public institution for the wasteful bureaucracy that it is.  Let these corrupt and archaic institutions collapse under the weight of their own incompetence; it will serve as an important precedent for generations to come.