- This is a great video showing the history of money. - This is a video I made about monetary history and the Federal Reserve. - This is our national debt. The only other time our national debt has been more than our GDP is during the Second World War.

This is our total debt. - This is our monetary base since 1918 (paper dollars in circulation plus bank reserves). - This is our monetary base and the Wilshire 5000 (the stock market). You can see that the Fed is clearly propping up the stock market by expanding the currency supply. – This is an excellent video showing that for every $100 you have in the bank, they can only pay out 6 cents. - Guaranteed to be one of the most insightful films you will ever watch. - A great film about the dangers of socialism and the merits of capitalism. - The money speech. - Here is a video of ex-chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, telling you he answers to no one. - This is a horrifying account of what happened to man who provided a free market alternative to the Federal Reserve Note. - This is a political cartoon from 1865 that is disturbingly relevant today.